The Hierarchy of the Dead

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The Hierarchy of the Dead

Post  Hamham on Sun Nov 25, 2012 4:59 pm

Copy pasting from the thread

-Brainless Zombies of Enemies, refered to as "Prisoners of War" who are the vast majority of the populace at this point. They barely even qualify on the list, being more property.

-The Living who are not "Born Citizens" of the USA. Refugees, immigrants, etc.etc. They can work in the cities, ply their trades, etc.etc. but they're unlikely to be given the Equality of Death, and have strict rules on where they can move, since there's enormous risk they could be Soviet or Communist spies

-Born Living Citizens: These are people who are born to the USA. They have the right to earn Equality Through Death, but there are strict qualifications for doing so (for example, all Living are expected to produce at least one child, a replacement for themselves should they die.) They earn their way through acts of valor for the Constitutionalists, either through spy work, trade, or other things.

-Full Citizens: Those who have earned the right to be zombified. You can earn this right, but you may not take the procedure until you produce a child. Unfortunately, this process is greatly slowed by the lack of advanced technology amongst the Constitutionalists. Invitro fertilization and sperm and egg storage are almost impossible in most necropoli, but stringent laws prevent any form of Eugenics program from cropping up (we're not those fucking Nazis). EG: Unless you willing produce a child with another person, you have to wait until you find such a person. One of the parents is USUALLY required to remain living for the duration of raising the child, but this has been waived in extenuating circumstances. This is the primary block for most of the Constitutionalist's "living" from becoming Full Citizens

-The Elected: Those from the Full Citizen class who are voted for by their peers become members of the Elected. These are anything from mayors, to senators, etc.etc.

-The Mummified Representatives: No one remembers when the practice started, but it has become traditional for members of the House of Representatives to bandage themselves as mummies, if not undergo the full mummification rituals of Ancient Egypt.

-The Senator-Liches: The Senator Lichs are the members of the House of Representatives, and hold the vast majority of power in each of the districts. Governors and state level reps and senators are mostly bureaucratic managers. The states exist only in name at this time, with the Federal Offices holding the vast majority of the power, and the Senator-Liches most of all, given that they are changed out far less often than the Mummified Representatives.

-Mr. President: Chosen, as the constitution demands, by the Electoral College (comprised of members of the Elected). Elections are held every year. Unlike in our timeline, few people actually know who the President is around election time, much like in the original colonial America. They're too busy working to survive. For this reason, the Electoral College actually serves it's original purpose, you elect somebody you trust to make the intelligent decision, and they vote for you.

The President must always be a living being, and they serve until death. That way they can be revived as a Past President. Living Presidents know that the more they impress their personalty and will onto the minds of the people, the more they will retain their individuality when revived. Because of this the Living President is often driven to rash action in an attempt to make an impact before they pass.


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Re: The Hierarchy of the Dead

Post  shadowdowclasper on Tue Nov 27, 2012 2:32 am

elections should be every 4 years, as lain down in the constitution, and since it's not been ammended, they'd stick to it RELIGIOUSLY.


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