Canada: The Northern Wastes

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Canada: The Northern Wastes

Post  Hamham on Sun Nov 25, 2012 5:07 pm

Canada has become a giant testing ground for both the Nazi's and the Soviets. Because of this most of it's cities are blasted ruins.

Terrible monstrosities, radioactive creations of Soviet science and demonic Nazi-hellbeasts and worse, wander the wilderness.

Most of the surviving Canadian people merged with and embraced the Inuit and native tribes and are now wanderers in the nightmare frost lands.

They are now a deeply spiritual people and have become adept at, speaking to animal spirits especially those of the bear, the elk and the wolf, as well as masters of soothsaying and the use of the element of ice, so much so they are like ghosts on the tundra, and many consider them a silly story.
As well as the warriors whom are said to run with packs of massive dire wolves or upon great and feral bears, their are also rumors of a process to which they feed the flesh of their dead to the crippled and dying as a way to create sentient wendigo which serve as terrible and viscous supernatural guardians for the nomadic Canadian tribes.

What remains of the Canadian military are organized into the Mounties. These fearless troops of Bear-cavalry protect the Canadian people from the terrors unleashed by Soviet and Nazi weapon testing.


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