Italy and Spain the Nazi Protectorates.

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Italy and Spain the Nazi Protectorates.

Post  Hamham on Sun Nov 25, 2012 5:12 pm

Copied from thread with some editing for clearity

Spain and Italy eventually fall more and more under Nazi demon-magic influence, until they essentially became protectorates. Nominally independent still, but essentially part of the Third Reich.

After all, when the Nazi Blood Sorcerers jet in and ask to test your population for magically talented people to be taken back for further testing, you can hardly say no. And then when they start offering to expand their Demonic infrastructure into your country, well, it'd be stupid to ignore the benefits. Even people like Franco, who were incredibly keen to have Spain stand on its own, wouldn't have much of a choice.

Both countries were at one time highly Catholic. The Catholic Church, at least at the top, was willing to cut a deal with the Nazis, but when the demon-summoning thing got out into the mainstream, the Church began to push back and was suppressed as a result. There would have probably been a civil war in Italy (and other very Catholic countries, Spain included) before those willing to work with Demons got the upper hand. Now the Church is mostly underground, distributing Exorcisms where they can and trying to save the world's soul. The fascist governments that are now Nazi protectorates continue to work with the Nazis on the surface, whilst elements within try and coordinate the Church and Resistance groups. It probably chafes them to be under Nazi rule as much as it does anyone else. Though, given the power of the Soviet Union, the power of the Reich is probably seen as a good thing by plenty of fascists and, hell, lots of ordinary people.

When Rome fell to the Demon supporters the Church had to flee the Vatican City. To prevent large stores of church relics and tomes being taken and misused the Damned they smuggled out as much as they could.
And who are Italian and good at smuggling, the Mafia (also, I wanted an excuse to bring in the Mafia). Now the new headquarters of the Church is hidden in Sicily, and the Mafia helps the Church move artifacts and books as well as getting Exorcists where they need it.

The Mafia's criminal activity is largely a cover for their anti-demon/fascists operation.


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