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My suggestion

Post  ChuckNorrisesBeard on Sat Dec 08, 2012 5:10 pm

What do you guys think about a country in the Balkans?

I was thinking, since everyone has daemons, spirits, tech, and stuff...why not Christianity and faith based powers this time?

Antemurale Christianitatis.
Two nations. One crown.
Croats & Serbs.

The royal family of this nation are descendants of Marko Zrinski, a half Croatian half Serbian noble man.

This nation is fairly socialist. It treats each and every one of it's citizens equally. But that's only because all of their citizens are either Croatian or Serbian, and either Catholic or Orthodox. They have noone to oppress really.

Both faiths and nationalities are treated equally.

Croats have mostly offensive abilities, which focus on hitting hard, and doing as much morale damage, like, exorcise daemons, channel rage and faith into energy that burns through everything, make enemies repent, any damage the enemies inflict on you will be also done to them, etc.
Serbians have mostly defensive abilities, which focus on health and health regeneration, and blocking as much damage as possible. Some of the abilities would be a faith shield, nullify negative magic and poison effects, heal allies, ressurect self and allies, etc.

Even though they have some pretty awesome faith abilities, they have little to no vehicles. Only looted ones.

Yay or nay?


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