The Thousand Year Reich: A Demonpunk Magocracy.

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The Thousand Year Reich: A Demonpunk Magocracy.

Post  Grawflemaul on Fri Dec 09, 2011 11:13 pm

The way I see it, Nazi Germany, having moved away from the military dictatorship of the early days and been surplanted by an Aryan Magocracy will actually have slowed down plans to simply exterminate unter-menschen. As Demontech expanded into every aspect of society, easy supplies of blood and souls are desperately needed, so a horrible agriculture has begun. Most things in Nazi-occupied areas appear simple and technological on the surface, until you realise that the train you're riding on needs to be constantly fed to keep itself moving.

Nearly everything is Demon-powered, from mobile phones to aeroplanes, and each level of "power", whether it be complexity or size, increases the cost in sacrifices or simple blood, to keep it functional. A mobile telephone might take only a few drops of blood a day, enough that even ordinary people can keep it functioning. But the most advanced warplanes powered by the Demons that make them fly faster and quicker than anything science could imagine, require a sacrifice before each flight.


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Re: The Thousand Year Reich: A Demonpunk Magocracy.

Post  shadowdowclasper on Tue Feb 28, 2012 3:32 pm

I think on some level we need to try to avoid it being too much christian interpretation of demons... perhaps more like blood thirsty spirits and gods, rather than SPECIFICALLY the spirits of the damned and tortured souls meant to torture more souls >_>


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